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Spray Tan Tips – Apply Tan The Correct Way

Perhaps, you’re appalled at the horror stories of poorly done self-tanning jobs which may include orange hands, streaks, and even dark creases. However, these problems can be easily avoided if you endeavour to prepare your skin correctly and apply the tanner carefully.

Here are some spray tan tips that will help you get that perfect tan.

Choose the right skin tan formula for your skin

There are numerous self-tanning brands in the market. It can be quite difficult to choose the best one for your skin type if you aren’t used to them.

While some are long-lasting, others would wear off after just a week or even be washed off in a day. It depends on what you want.

Choose a dark tan formula if you have olive skin. Select a light or medium colour if you have a fair complexion.

Shave off thick hair from the tan areas

Which hair may get in the way of the tanner when trying to evenly apply it on your skin. You might have to shave or wax your arms and legs to get a satisfying final appearance after tanning.

Exfoliate the skin

You’ll end up with an ugly, patchy look if your skin has flaky patches. It’s better to exfoliate your skin in the shower before the tanning.

Dry off your skin

Completely dry your skin before applying the tanner. Ensure that your place is cool enough so that you would be sweat-free in the next few hours.

Allow some hours for the process

Don’t rush your self-tanning. A rushed tanning job will be so obvious. You’re bound to have stains on your clothes or hands, streaky areas on your skin, and even miss some spots altogether. Set aside several hours for the tanning to make sure you thoroughly cover all intended areas.

Use latex gloves or a tanning mitt

Latex gloves or a tanning mitt (which is sold at supermarkets) will help protect your hands from turning orange. Wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water if you don’t have a pair of gloves or the mitt.

Apply section by section

Apply the self-tanner section by section (from your arms to legs, followed by your torso). Squeeze droplets of the product onto your palms and rub it on your body parts in broad circular movements.

Strictly follow the instructions on the formula to know how long to continue with the rubbing. Apply the tanner to a section at a time so as not to miss any spot.

Blend at the joints, ankles and wrists

To give the tan a completely natural look, gently extend the massage from your wrists to the hands, and from the ankles to the feet area.

Dilute over the joints

Dilute your tanner over the ankles, knees, and elbows. These areas usually absorb more tanner than other parts of the body.

To do this, gently rub with a wet towel or apply lightly over the areas.

Give enough time for your skin to dry

Wait for at least 15 minutes before dressing up. It’s best to wear only loose clothing for the next 4 hours or so and avoid sweating.

Final Thoughts

We believe that these steps can guide you in applying your spray tan correctly.

In addition, continue to protect your skin every day from the sun’s UV with a sunscreen.